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  • Focus on mind AND body

  • Often begin with bodywork, such as cupping or guasha

  • Gentle acupuncture

  • Non-needle options: tuina, acupressure, laser


Topics include:

  • good sleep hygiene,

  • benefits of physical activity and mindfulness,

  • neuroplasticity and our potential for change.




About  Laura Kaufer

Hi.  I am a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) proudly serving York Region, Ontario, Canada in Aurora (Aurora Prime Physiotherapy) and Stouffville (Stouffville Natural Health Clinic).

My approach is to provide a personalized Chinese Medicine treatment that is results-based in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. I focus on pain relief, sports conditioning and family health medicine (including pregnancy, perimenopause and pediatrics). I am great at treating headaches, sleep issues and stress/ anxiety.


I generally incorporate some bodywork (cupping, guasha, tuina) into the acupuncture treatment, so it's not just needles! I also discuss sleep hygiene, positive lifestyle and dietary behaviours that recognize the complex lives we lead.  

Vision: To enable and encourage you to reach your potential.

Mission: To provide a treatment that provides a safe and comfortable space for healing that addresses underlying structural, physiological and emotional imbalances in addition to addressing your pain and discomfort.


We all have the potential for change, and Chinese Medicine provides a depth of medicine that encourages the body to repair, heal and achieve optimal health.

about LauraKHealth
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