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Welcome to my blog spot!

With this blog, I will share my tips and discussion on health and wellness. These include physical activity, eating with a mindset of nourishing the body, and expanding our minds with mindfulness and concepts of neuroplasticity.

My goals with this website are:

  1. to break down the acupuncture research and present it in a balanced and easy-to-understand way. What is acupuncture particularly good at treating and why? As a practitioner, I seek to provide evidence, explanation and rationale to clients and the public.

  2. to provide healthy approaches to feeding our bodies with nourishing foods. Generally this means eating whole foods. But Chinese medicine dietary guidance goes further. It encourages us to eat what is appropriate for the season. And to eat what is appropriate for our body and current state of health.

  3. to encourage an active lifestyle. The benefits are enormous - reducing the aging process, protection from dementia and chronic disease, and improved mood and energy. Whatever form of activity, what's important is to move your body, and move it regularly.

  4. to explore our potential for change. I see this mostly as a mental health concept. Our behaviours, mindsets and inner voices that seem ingrained and unbending are far more malleable than we realize. Sometimes it's about adjusting our attitude that transforms anxiety into excitement (in Chinese medicine this is called Liver Qi Stagnation and it is all about bottled up energy that hasn't been directed optimally or allowed to flow). Sometimes, the core values we hold about ourselves are in discord with who we actually are. Psychotherapy, mindfulness exercises and neuroplasticity techniques are useful to all of us.

Till soon.


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